Comparing Metal Roof With Asbestos Roof

Published: 16th June 2011
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Among the important construction decisions, one vital area is roofing. A roof provides protection to the building interiors and takes all the eternal pressures of weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to have this constructed with the right materials and right technique. Of all the roofing materials available, metal is most popular because of the many benefits it has over other counterparts, such as asbestos and tiles. Metal roof is more durable and adds to the safety feature in building structures. It also has a number of environmental benefits making it a popular choice with the builders.

Advantages of metal roofs -

Metal roofs are better than asbestos and tile roofs for a number of reasons. Firstly, metal roofs have a much longer life expectancy than other materials. It can have a lifetime of up to fifty years, or even longer if maintained properly. Selling also enables the transfer of warranty to the buyer. Thus, the house becomes of a greater value. Secondly, these roofs are lighter than tile roofs and can easily be fixed over existing roofing material. There is no need for huge renovation when fitting a metal roof. Thirdly, metal roof requires very low maintenance. It is not affected by extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or heat waves. It is also highly resistant to algae and mildew growth. Pests and termites can also not eat away metal. This further reduces the costs of maintenance and repairs. Fourthly, metal is a non-combustible material and does not catch fire. This means added safety for the residents. Fifthly, metal roofs do not crack, peel or absorb moisture. There are no chances of rot or decay with this material.

Installation of metal roofs also brings with it some eco-friendly benefits. As metal reflects heat, it makes the roofs more energy efficient. The house interior can be kept warm in winters and cool in summers. The heating and cooling costs can be reduced considerably with the use of metal roofs. Another environmental benefit is that when metal roof is installed over an existing roof there is no waste released due to tear-off. Metal roofs can be recycled and are often made from recycled material.

Metal Roofing Companies offer their clients the choice of many designs and colors and homeowners can choose according to their particular design needs. The new technologies in painted surfaces mean a wide array of colors and styles is available to choose from.

Metal roofs at times may be a little more expensive to install but they have long-term cost benefits. They also solve the problem of asbestos removal and other roofing maintenance concerns making it a viable option in the long-run.


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