Add Variations To The Granny Flats

Published: 10th October 2011
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A granny flat is a structure built on your existing property that can be used as abode for elderly parents or relatives or a place for your teenage children. One major reason why granny flats are so popular is due to their low cost construction. Kit homes can cost substantially less than stick-built homes, primarily because the owners can do most of the construction work themselves. An added benefit is that, in many cases, the owners can actively participate in the design of the granny flats, adding individual features that complement their own lives.

Is is not impossible to build a granny flat with very minimal expenses if you make use of available materials and designs of kit homes. Due to low upkeeping and fixing requirements, kit homes are believed to be just the right thing for people who thrive on pensions.

Construction consultants are always available to assist you with any changes you would like to make, ensuring that your new home is designed exactly the way you want it to be - right down to the finest detail! All the units have unique features that can easily be integrated into other units, enabling you to get exactly the right layout and fit-out for your new home. It is also possible to combine different features coming from various granny flat designs. For example, you can integrate a kitchen or bathroom from one model into a different model.

Granny flats do not need to be simple and modest. One can opt for various additions to a granny flat plan to make it more attractive and useful. Various types of sturdy construction materials are also available to prevent termite infestations and damage from extreme climates. Insulations and wall cladding can be applied where required. The window can be made with timber or aluminum depending on the requirement and the budget. The tapware, kitchen and bathroom fittings can also be selected to add more style to the place. Other useful inclusions can be installation of telephone line, security grills and security alarm systems. There can also be certain additions made in the form of patio or concrete verandas. Another important inclusion for some is the facility to cater for people requiring wheel chair access. This can be arranged on a one on one basis with your designer.

Overall, granny flats can be very useful if you want relatives or friends to live close by while still enjoying your privacy. These can be constructed in an array of designs and styles. Different materials, fittings and fixtures can be used depending on the requirement and the budget. There can also be many additions made to granny flats to make them look more appealing and to make them more comfortable.


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